MArch: 10th Semester, University of Minho Master Thesis: "If you eliminate the fairy tale from reality I'm against you — Kahn said." Under the guidance of PhD Architect José Capela 2014 - 2015 Tower of Needs is a project developed in the context of the architectural fairy tale — Migration. It's a building that aims to gather in its interior specific spaces, which are capable of answering to all basics needs of human beings. This tower was built up, like a ritual, in an upward logic. However, it neither aimed to reach the skies nor challenge the Gods but rather to serve the purposes of Humanity.
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"As the man with snow-colored hair had said, the fortress had seven floors. These, in turn, were organized in terraces and each had its own identity — different shapes, different coatings, different heights, a different relationship with the outside — each floor was unique. Yet, together and stacked on a common and unifying axis, they formed a harmonious and sublime set that aroused in me a mixture of indescribable feelings." in Migration Central island of Atlantis — Site Plan
"In the place where once there was the great and sacred Temple of Poseidon, in the centre of the plateau, a tower would be built now (...) Tower of the Needs was its name."
1st floor
Changing market
Poseidon's lake
Flower's tunnel
2nd floor
Donkey's milk tank
Purification zone
3rd floor
Mysterious room
Swan's cave
Colourful desert
4th floor
Cooking class
5th floor
6th floor
Outside creation area
7th floor