Michel Foucault's theory shows us the relevance of words in the construction of different knowledges. Queer theory embraces the premises of the French author, developing them so deeply to the point of revealing the value that words assume in the construction of identities. The devices of sexuality have been developed in a paternalistic and heterosexist social structure, perpetuating powerfully oppressive identity binarisms. With this installation, we want to propose that gender categorization is only something socially imposed, something that has been instilled in us all the time as an unquestionable truth, but which must now be rethought.
January 2018 Emerald Winter Pride Competition Project developed in a partnership with my brother and tireless researcher António joão
The sound that is heard inside the dungeon in a deafening way:
Floor Plan
Top View
The Dungeons leads us to a world where social norms instituted by discursive acts are reigning, a world of darkness, blindness, and imprisonment; a prison that imposes on us, from an early age, a series of characteristics derived from the body.
The sound that is heard when the visitor goes beneath the rainbow:
All this symbolic ritual of discovery throughout the dungeons aims at the liberation of the subject. The disorientation, the fear, the emptiness of the unknown are left behind now... And it is with the body covered with glitter that we pass under the rainbow — symbol of an ancient sacred covenant established between God and Noah which assures us that, from now on, everything will be all right.
Mário Cesariny, surrealist poet, author of the title "Welcome to Elsinore", inspires himself in the Hamlet-castle fortress that had become an infamous place of lies, paralleling Portugal at the time, under a fascist dictatorship. The poem ends with praise for the poetic word as a word capable of producing liberties. Yes, words produce limitations and circumscriptions, but they can also produce freedoms! Experiencing all phases of this installation, aims to produce the sensation of queer performance, to overcome barriers and to achieve the freedom of not being! And, as Hamlet said, "the rest is silence!"