2010 - 2011
BArch: 3rd Semester, University of Minho Under the guidance of PhD Architect Pedro Bandeira
It was with this exercise that, for the first time, I contacted with "dwelling" design and with all the requirements associated with it. I developed spatial concepts, learned to create visual relationships, began to realize the importance of light, shadow, dimensions, materiality of objects. I questioned, modified, grown...
Axonometric Projection Lower Floor Plan Upper Floor Plan Roof Plan 1-entrance; 2-garage; 3-laundry; 4-kitchen; 5-living room; 6-vegetable garden; 7-working area; 8-balcony; 9-bedrooms; 10-bathroom
 At a time when drawings were still handmade and then run over with indian ink; at a time when my wings were still tiny, we were given this “house type” model so that we could develop it. I recall that at the time I was fascinated with the idea of designing a space without barriers, with no rooms, where the furniture itself would appeared as the main element for the organization of the house, shaping and creating the different spaces. And so it was. Model house with backyard cannot be considered a copy of Fantasized Architecture. However, it became essential at the time it was developed. At the beginning of everything.
East Elevation North Elevation South Elevation AA' Section BB' Section CC' Section EE' Section FF' Section DD' Section West Elevation
It was with this little house that it all started. That was how my story started...