"The idea of creating ars fabricandi came from the observation that old know-how and techniques must survive, be transmitted to the next generation and applied to new design concepts." Piece of furniture: Bed for dogs Main goal: design a piece of furniture with quality, using the best materials and techniques with the ambition of create an iconic work. that shows my identity and background
References: Superfine, Pet Luxury Made in Italy
São Francisco church, Oporto - Gilded wood is a Portuguese traditional handmade technique specific from the Baroque period. - As finishing the wood is covered with a thin coating of gold. - Mainly used in churches. Concept: To revive an old technique and connect it with a contemporary one. Gilded wood old technique + Acrylic pieces contemporary technique
Views Acrylic base Front view Top view Acrylic gantry
Docking system
3D View And this is how baroque nest was born...