"Mythology: one of the most brilliant heritages of humanity. Architecture of fascination in the minds of a people, which turned doubts into certainties. Gods are reinvented in human bodies that mirror the imperfect creation of space. Force of believing. Myth, tale, legend. Asymmetric symmetries of the world..." ideasforward, architectural competitions
February 2017 Competition organized by ideasforward Project developed in a partnership with my friend and talented artist Inês Barros
Objective: design a Temple for the Olympus Gods - Localization: Mount Olympus - Number of Gods: 12 - One Great Hall for the Council of the Gods - 1 room for each God that should be thought for each one in particular
As the Great Gods of Greece are unattainable to the human mind, their rooms are almost shapeless, made out of only imagination, as it is a blasphemy to make them according to the rules of humanity. The Great Hall of the Gods is as well without an end and a tower without a roof, the materialization itself of the infinite. In it the Gods speak of the void which separates them not only from the humans but also from one another. This heavy stone hall is carried by fragile birds, as the Gods wanted to make it known that even the tiniest creature can accomplish unimaginable things.
Hera — Queen Goddess of all, she boils with rage and keeps a close eye on her husband, for he cheats constantly. Through her pomegranate-throne (symbol of fertility) Hera sees everything and controls everything on Mount Olympus. Zeus — King God, the master of thunders, the cloud-gatherer. Zeus has in his room a secret passage, where he can go to be with his lovers without his wife finding out, since this space is located in the only blind spot of Hera's room. Hermes — Messenger of the Gods, Hermes goes everywhere flying, moving freely and quickly between the worlds of the mortal and divine, so his room is the only one capable of moving. Poseidon — Master of the seas and mermaids is good for those who are good to him. Poseidon knows everything that happens in the waves so, when necessary, he appears at the surface with his powerful trident. Apollo — God of the sun and divine inspiration, he differs from his twin Artemis because he looks at the skies and not the earth. Talented musician, Apollo delighted everyone by playing his lyre. Artemis — Goddess of animals and hunt, she is a lover of nature and protector of young girls. Arch and arrows are her constant companions.
Demeter — Broken hearted for the separation from her daughter, this Goddess of agriculture created the cold seasons out of sadness. However, during the hot seasons, everything is bright and cheerful because Persephone returns to her arms. Athena — She is the Goddess of war, knowledge and strategy. Athena is the perfect antithesis of Ares, her half brother, who boils with envy. Endowed with deep wisdom she is unbeatable in any battle. Ares — Destruction, blood lust and virility are the main characteristics of this God. Ares moves by impulsive, uncontrolled and violent action. Hephaestus — God of blacksmiths, fire and metalworking Hephaestus made all the weapons of the gods in Olympus. This limper God hides in his room, he turns to work in rage for his cheating wife, Aphrodite. Aphrodite — Goddess of Love and pleasure she is between her lover and husband, mixing with the other chaotic Gods. Born from the foam of the sea she is accompanied by beautiful swans.
Dionysus — God of the wine, ritual madness, religious ecstasy and theatre. Son of a earthly mother, Dionysus turns everything into pleasure and chaos.